About Me

Thank you for visiting my online writing portfolio! I am a professional singer/recording artist, actress, and writer. A large part of my work as a singer is in the Irish traditional style and language. My Irish-American identity not only plays a huge role in my career as an artist but informs my worldview and therefore my work as a writer. I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember, even dictating them to my sweet, patient mother before I could physically write! The bossiness didn’t end there; I remember directing my classmates in my stories middle school. It shocks me to this day that they wanted to act out my first fledgling ‘novel’ every day at recess, casting themselves in a new role each day. [It must be said, this was before iPads and social media.] But I don’t think there will ever be a greater thrill in my career as a writer than my 11-year-old friends wanting to play in a world I invented and fighting over my characters[!]

I completed the Riggio Writing & Democracy Honors program at The New School in New York City, which allowed me to study under incredible mentors, meet my literary heroes, and most importantly develop my technique and a stronger social conscience. Though I concentrated in fiction, I also took poetry workshops and screenwriting classes. I won a Voice/Over award for my original feature screenplay.

I’m currently working on my first [real] novel as well as a very exciting project for the screen with a writing partner, Shay Weinberg.